I studied textile fine art at ‘Winchester School of Art’ 1991- 1994. During my time in Winchester I enjoyed developing drawing, painting, screen printing techniques and mixed media applications and have since been painting, taking photos, digitaly manipulating photographs and card making.



Blue Cell 3
Blue Cell 3

My facination for the microscopic world of human microorganisms/cells has been with me for some time. To me cells are like us, each with their own shapes, personality and function, going about their daily business like we do. I enjoy interpreting their colour, even through this is artificially created, character and translucent qualities.

Work can be seen and purchased from the following outlets -

'Niche Frames', 26 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QDwww

'Allsorts Handmade', 1A Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol,BS6



I have always enjoyed photography and began experimenting with digital manipulation of the photos I had taken of plants during my wanders around Bristol.
Nature, I find, is unapologetically happy a lot of the time and always true to itself, an example of the way we should try to be, I believe.

Card making

'Nerine 2'

I began making cards for myself from the photos I had taken and found the process to be very meditative as it requires focusing on a few tasks and doing them well.
Other people really liked the cards, so I began making them for sale.

The cards can be purchased from this website and aslo from 'Niche Frames' and 'Allsort Handmade', as above.